• Пневматический инструмент балансировки нагрузки пружины

Пневматический инструмент балансировки нагрузки пружины

modelo : SA-22500

Пневматический инструмент балансировки нагрузки пружины

* 2015 New Product *




40-50 kgs

Net Weight

10.1 kgs


1.5 m

Rope Option


Rope Dia

4.8 mm

Packing: 1 pcs/Ctn/11.4 kgs/0.9 Cuft 



  • It provides 40 to 50 of lifting load, and a number of 8 different load ranges are provided for option.
  • When mounted with Install Hook, it can perform 360-degree revolving.
  • Aluminum die casting housing.
  • It is provided with anti-falling steel wire installation hole (it must be installed to avoid the failure of the original mounting location).
  • Fast in installation.
  • Enclosed type of Lifting Hook and Install Hook.
  • Tool anti-falling device is provided in case of the spring breaking.
  • Durable spring.
  • The cable length is adjustable.
  • The elasticity can be adjusted per task request.
  • Reduced labor hands fatigue for long time job.
  • To organize assembly line and embellish working environment.        

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